Services & Techniques

Services Available:

Spinal Decompression:  to help relieve disco-genic and facet pain in the lumbar or cervical spine  

B12 injections:  to help with chronic fatigue and nerve function

Traumeel Injections:- for inflammation and pain

Chiropractic:- to help restore proper body mechanics to enhance body function

Acupuncture:- to help facilitate your body's own healing ability and decrease inflammation and pain

Physiotherapy:-  to help strengthen the core muscles of the body

Massage therapy:- to help decrease muscle pain and help heal the soft tissue

Ozone steam sauna:- to burn calories, purge toxins and oxygenate the cells and skin

Alpha stim:- to increase brain alpha waves to help with anxiety, PTSD, stress

HRV ( heart rate variability ):- quick and easy assessment of autonomic nervous sys and heart health

Regeneration Medicine:- Stem Cells ( injection and trans-dermal ), ozone injections, prolo-therapy

CBD oil:- for pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation

Laser:- for pain, inflammation, cellular activation to speed healing process

BIA testing:- body impedence testing to check fat, water, muscle, extra-cellular mass in the body

Tibetan Foot Soak:- for neuropathy, relaxtion, cleansing

Chinese Herbs:- for healing

Personal training:- utlilizing body weight and suspension exercises

Blood analysis testing:- cardio-metabolic profile


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "This place is fantastic. I went in with my back out of wack and he's doing everything he can to get it fixed. He listens to what you are saying and then he adjust what is needed."
    Candie F.
  • "Well I woke up one morning and couldn’t move my neck one way over the next few days it got way worse to wear I couldn’t even lift up my own head up call a frien and she told me to come hear one of the best places I have ever been to I walked out of there fealling Fantasia"
    Cassie D.